Flexible Dieting


The JUAN and Only

If there was One Word to describe Juan Alvarado it would be DISCIPLINED.  He is self motivated and focused on becoming the best version of himself.  I have seen him completely transform from Day 1 at CrossFit Seguin.  This is his story in his own words….

“I there was anything you wanted to know about Flexible Dieting, it is that it can be life changing.  In my case, it has been a time machine.  I served time in the U.S. Army and received a rank where my leadership skills played a major role and my physical fitness had to be on point.  After acquiring numerous injuries and being told I couldn’t do certain physical activities that I loved, my time in the military was over.  Being out should have made things better but they only worsened physically and mentally.  I went from weighing 175 lbs. to 260 lbs.  I got to a point where I decided I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself and actually try to do something physically.  I wanted to test my limits.  I wanted to be me again.  At first, it was just weightlifting and running.  I managed to get my weight down to 240 lbs., but it stalled.  When I got comfortable with some weightlifting movements and running, I decided to try CrossFit.  I was very cautious for a couple of months there and managed to drop to 230 lbs.  I thought I had it figured out but my weight just yo-yoed.  I knew my diet was crap and it was holding me back from performing at my best.  Finally, I was introduced to Diana’s Flexible Dieting.  It has been a game changer!  My weight fell to 200 lbs. in mere months while simultaneously being able to move heavier weights.  My weight is still dropping.  My energy has allowed me to do multiple workouts a day and recovery has never been faster.  I’m still eating my favorite foods and eating more meals a day than I ever have.  Not to mention, I am also saving money eating at home versus eating out.  I never realized how much nutrition can be a major factor, not just physically but mentally as well.  I still use the numbers given to me by Diana for Flexible Dieting as I feel it is necessary if I still want to continue to test my limits.  There was a time that I thought I would never be where I am again….but here I am and here I keep pushing forward.  Thank you, Diana!”

Juan currently trains twice a day at CrossFit Seguin.  He is preparing for his first Strongman Competition!  I am very proud of what Juan has done and am excited to continue to watch his transformation.




Are you putting in countless hours in the gym and not seeing the results you want?  Are you eating food fit for a rabbit and STILL not losing weight?  WELL….What if I told you that you could enjoy food AND still meet your weight loss goal, that CARBS ARE NOT OFF LIMITS and that once you reach your weight loss goal, you will be eating MORE FOOD THAN YOU ARE NOW?  I can show you the way!

Flex Dieting Seminar

  • Date:  Saturday, August 18, 2018
  • Location:  Tiger Sports Complex
  • 2818 Cordova Road, Seguin, Texas
  • Time:  10:30 a.m.
  • Price:  $60.  Pre-Registration is required as Spots are limited.  Payment (Cash only) can be made at CrossFit Seguin (if you are local) or Via PayPal by using the Link under SERVICES Tab.  Please note SEMINAR PRE-REGISTRATION on your PayPal payment.

Seminar will include:

  • Custom Macro Set to reach your specific goal (weight cut or gain) along with 1 (One) month of Flex Dieting Coaching.
  • Explanation of what Macro Counting/Flex Dieting is, how it works and how it can become sustainable for a lifetime.
  • Tutorial on how to set up My Fitness Pal, build your food database and begin planning your own meals based on macro set.
  • Various handouts will also be provided.

Questions can be directed to me (Diana) at 830.556.1836 or via email dlsalinas70@gmail.com

Check out what people are saying!

“With Flexible Dieting, I can eat what I want, as long as it fits in my daily macros. I am rarely hungry between meals, and my energy level has gone through the roof! My daily workouts have improved, I am lifting heavier weights, and I don’t have the energy lulls in the afternoons. My only complaint is that I have to buy all new clothes – none of my pants or shorts fit me anymore!” – Cynthia Borden

“I began dropping weight quickly and feeling better just by eating the foods I usually ate but the right amount of carbs, fat and proteins. I had more energy and loved it!” – Juan Castillo

“Two things I love about Flexible Dieting: One, there are no “bad” foods and two, there is a plan for “after the diet” (which is called a Reverse). Counting macros has taught me portion sizes, that my body needs carbs and it has changed my relationship with food. I no longer restrict any foods. If I want it, I eat it in moderation. Counting macros has filled me with excitement and had such a powerful influence on me. It’s so empowering to know that I can gain muscle, lose fat, or maintain my weight all based on what food I feed my body.” – Devonet Clarkson



Devonet’s Journey

Devonet.  Always Smiling and Ready to Work.  She is a wife, mother, business woman, Crossfitter and Flexible Dieter.  Dev is now in the Reverse Dieting process and is enjoying more carbs and fats in her diet.  She continues to drop body fat and we are still seeing body composition changes.  Check out her story…..

“I have tried (and enjoyed fleeting “success”) with most fad diets out there…Atkins, Keto, Paleo, Whole30, HCG drops, Hollywood Miracle Diet, Green Smoothie diets, Body for Life, 21 Day Fix and plain ole’ starvation. See, with most of these, I was cutting out entire food groups, which I could sustain for a week or two, then I’d cheat and feel guilty, leading me to say “screw it” and causing me to fall off the diet wagon for days, weeks or even months. If I didn’t have to cut out entire food groups, I did better for longer, but without some flexibility to eat a little “junk” every now and then, my “falling off the wagon” is inevitable because I’m going to enjoy some birthday cake and a bowl of fruit loops on occasion. And I don’t want to feel guilty about it! The reason I say my success was fleeting with these diets is because the low weight I reached was not sustainable, and I ended up gaining the weight back. Those diets don’t show you how NOT to diet. We weren’t meant to live life in a constant calorie deficit. It’s not healthy or sustainable.

I met Diana in October 2017. I half-heartedly tried Flexible dieting a few times, but on January 29, 2018 I decided I was going ALL IN. I went to have an InBody570 Scan done at a local Nutrishop and it showed I was 29% body fat with 54 pounds of skeletal muscle mass. Not terrible for a 32 year old woman with two toddlers, but I knew it could be better. The first week or two was the most difficult. It was like playing Tetris every evening with my macros on My Fitness Pal trying to figure out what would fit my numbers. But, after a few weeks, I found the foods I liked, learned the counts of most of it, and things become second nature.

In 8 weeks, I lost 15 pounds. I hit my goal! But what next? On previous diets, I would have either tried to continue living in a calorie deficit or just went back to life as normal, eating whatever I wanted with no regard to calorie or macronutrient counts. This is where the Flexible Dieting world is different… Once I hit my goal, Diana started me on a Reverse Diet. This is essentially (and strategically) adding more carbs, fats and proteins back into your diet very slowly each week. Going through this process slowly allows your body and metabolism to become accustom to the extra food, since the metabolism likely took a hit during the weeks/months living in a deficit. By week 11, I went to have another InBody scan and I was down to 21 percent body fat and had increased my skeletal muscle mass by nearly a pound!

Two things I love about Flexible Dieting: One, there are no “bad” foods and two, there is a plan for “after the diet” (which is called a Reverse). Counting macros has taught me portion sizes, that my body needs carbs and it has changed my relationship with food. I no longer restrict any foods. If I want it, I eat it in moderation. Counting macros has filled me with excitement and had such a powerful influence on me. It’s so empowering to know that I can gain muscle, lose fat, or maintain my weight all based on what food I feed my body.”

I am Very Proud of Dev and her accomplishments!  Thanks Dev for allowing me to be a part of this very important aspect of your life! PhotoGrid_1527384868968

Strong Mind. Amazing Young Lady.

“Guide them rather than preach to them.  Encourage them to be who they are rather than whom you’d like them to be.” – Unknown

And this is exactly what Laura Shearer did for her daughter, Daciana….whom I will refer to as Daci.  I have been working with Laura for quite some time on her nutrition and goals in body composition and strength.  She has changed in many ways, both physically and mentally, and has become a shining example for many.  But, this story is not about Laura.  It is about Daci, who I began working with August 13, 2017.

As a volleyball player, Daci knew how important it was for her to be in the best shape she could in order to be competitive amongst her peers, be selected for the team and get playing time on the court.  She reached out to her mother for help in bettering her nutrition and losing weight.  She felt that being lighter and stronger would help her on the court.  Laura knew that flexible dieting was the best choice for Daci and they could do this together.  Read about Daci’s experience in her own words….

“I started doing Flexible Dieting because I wanted to improve my skills and abilities as an athlete and I thought losing some weight would help me achieve that goal.  My experience with Flexible Dieting has been both convenient (Thanks to my mom for prepping my meals) and challenging.  In the beginning, it was incomprehensible and tough to work with, but now that I have adjusted to my new eating habits it is manageable.  I still get to enjoy my favorite foods and treats.  When people ask what my secret to weight loss is, I say Mac-n-Cheese because I eat it almost every day!  LOL!  My favorite days are refeed days because I have a chance to fit in more foods teenagers love.  Italian dishes are also on my favorites list.

Thus far, I have educated myself on what and how much I put into my body can influence my performance.  I always knew that I needed to eat to fuel my body, but I didn’t realize I wasn’t eating enough.  Now, I can see the difference in my performance on the court, in the gym and how my body has changed.  I have more confidence and I cannot be more excited about where this journey will continue to take me!  Thanks Mom and Diana for your help and support along the way!

To date, Daci has lost a total of 15.7 pounds!  I am so proud of this young lady.  Changing your nutrition and sticking to a plan is difficult for most adults and seemingly impossible for teenagers.  Daci is proof that with a strong mind and support from her family, anything is possible!  She is not finished yet.  Daci….YOU ROCK!!



Laura’s Journey

If you are wondering if Flexible Dieting is for you, take a moment to read Laura’s story.  I began working with her April 4, 2016.  At that time, Laura weighed 157 lbs.  I started her eating 1559 calories a day with her daily macro numbers being Carbs 145/Fats 50/Protein 132.  She planned her own meals and learned how to make food work FOR her.  She met her goal of 135 lbs. early 2017 and I immediately started her on Reverse Dieting once she hit 134 lbs.  Today, Laura eats 1862 calories with her daily numbers being Carbs 197/Fats 66/Protein 120….and maintains her weight between 132-135 lbs!  She feels healthy and strong at her current body weight, which is the ultimate goal of flexible dieting.  Congratulations Laura!  You ROCK!

Before being introduced to flexible dieting, I thought the only way to lose weight and get healthy was to ‘eat clean’. I will admit I was really nervous starting this program. All I really knew was how to avoid carbs. I let myself believe that carbs were the enemy and my body did not do well with carbs, so I feared them. Paleo and Whole 30 were my life and I learned to truly love that life. I’m not knocking those methods down at all. They both work well and I did see results with both; however, I was limited with what I could eat. I love veggies and lean meats, but I also love, donuts, pasta, and pizza as much as the next person. Eating clean allowed me to have a cheat meal here and there…but sometimes those lead to two, three, or four. Having to recover from that, was not much fun. However, I thought that was the only way for me. After so many cheat meals which soon led to days, and 0 workouts. I found myself back up in weight and so very slow and weak in the gym. A lot of this was due to changes in my life that were happening and things I let take over.  After realizing just how bad I let myself go, I needed to snap out of it and get back on my healthy lifestyle with NO excuses! Because eating clean was all I knew and it worked for me so well in the past, that’s how I planned to start my journey. But before I began, I heard people around me in the gym talking about how they could eat what they wanted as long as it fit their macros. What the heck is a macro and how do I get those? I wanted to enjoy a donut or a cupcake at a birthday party. I wanted to eat pizza and still get fit like the people around me. I made myself believe it was only because they already had muscle and could afford to indulge. The more muscle you have, the more you can eat, right?! Everything I thought I knew about getting fit and these people are eating the foods I wish I could.

So, I said, “what the heck, I’ll try flexible dieting! I couldn’t shake the guilt and feelings of failure when I fell off the clean eating wagon again and again. What do I have to lose?” If this method doesn’t work, it doesn’t work for me, and I will just keep doing what I know best. So, in April of 2016 I reached out to Diana. She set my numbers and told me to be patient at the start. It was okay to mess up at first, until I got the hang of it. I remember clearly, “don’t be afraid to eat carbs”, she said. Diana knew, she knew exactly what I was thinking before even starting. She sent me a list of food selections and she was at my beckin call daily. She answered all my questions and doubts. She motivated me to keep going when I got stuck or frustrated with the scale. I was not used to weighing myself every day, but that was for her use, not mine. The first couple months I lost….and I was doing great. Then life happened again. I wasn’t planning my days like I should, and I was having to eat most of my foods in the evening. I received a text from Diana. It had been a while since she had seen me or heard from me. She wanted to check up. Was I still logging? I told her the truth. I was, but I wasn’t eating everything. I was honest. She was so understanding and told me to do the best I can. Something about her reaching out, made me feel so much better, and I stepped it up a bit. I tried harder. Diana wasn’t just a coach, she cared. I was able to get back to it and during my slight pause, I did not gain! What? I was shocked, but it was the motivation I needed to keep going. I had some hiccups along the way, but in the end, I am over 20 lbs lighter and through it all I kept my muscle. Suddenly NO food was off limits. I was bound only by my personal preferences. This method does not heavily restrict calories either; it encourages a moderate deficit for sustainable fat loss (if that is your goal). I can and do make most of my favorite foods fit, just by tweaking quantities. I can enjoy meals with my family, instead of preparing our favorites and then going without. I have stopped binging on junk, because I can have it in my daily intake, if I choose to. I now have a much healthier attitude toward food, simply because nothing is restricted.

I’ve learned so much about food and flexible dieting in general. On top of eating what I want, I see gainz! My body has changed and keeps changing. My proudest accomplishment in the gym, is I’m so much closer to doing a pull up then I have EVER been in my life.  Thank you Diana, for not only being a coach, but a friend through this journey!  

Meet Cassie

I grew up as on overweight child, which led to being an overweight teenager and then an overweight adult. Processed food, fast food, lack of exercise, you get the picture. Several years back I decided to take control of my life so I could be healthy for myself and for my family. It has not been an easy road. Fad diets leading to yo-yo dieting, the weight always comes back. I did learn to love fitness and eating healthier options over the years and the weight was coming off. Then throw in a move to a new state and added stress of new job and well you know all the excuses. The weight was piling back on and before I knew it I was 14 pounds heavier again, mind you I’m 5’4″. I knew I had to put an end to it. I was blessed to be introduced to Diana Salinas, a flexible dieting coach. Over the past 5 months she has worked very closely with me, always there and listening, always encouraging. She has calculated macros, adjusted numbers, adjusted meal plans, and I’m thrilled to say those 14 lbs. are now gone. I’m pulling jeans out of the back of my closet that I haven’t worn in the past 2 years! I feel lighter, have more energy and I get to eat!! That’s the best part, it does not feel like a diet because it is not a diet. Now I’m ready to continue to crush my goals, and I know with Diana Salinas’s guidance those goals are achievable! – Cassie Anderson


Making it a Lifestyle


I have tried many different lifestyle changes (Paleo, Whole 30, 24 Day Challenge, etc).  Those didn’t give this Texas girl the option of having chips and hot sauce or eating pizza.  I’m not knocking those lifestyles, they just didn’t suit what I wanted.  I had heard my friend talk about how she could eat whatever she wanted and she just counted her carbs, proteins and fats.  Of course, being me I had to look into it.  This is when I contacted Diana and read about Flex Dieting.  I began working with Diana in February 2015 weighing 137 lbs.  During that time I only paid for my numbers, but with my hectic lifestyle I decided that having her do my meal planning would be easier.  I went through the summer and in November 2015 was down to 113 lbs.  I was finally happy with how my body had transformed and started seeing results in other areas of my life.  Well, I found out I was pregnant  that same month.  I decided I had stayed with Diana this long and wanted to continue throughout my pregnancy to avoid gaining too much weight.  During  my last pregnancy I only gained 35 lbs. but I didn’t lose the weight very fast.  I continued doing Crossfit and had Diana continue with meal planning.  During this pregnancy I only gained 30 lbs.!  The doctors were pleased with this.  There was also a time in this pregnancy that I had to gain a little more weight for the doctors, so I was able to fit in chocolate milk!  If there was ever a problem, Diana answered me right away.  She works with me when I have last minute out-to-dinner plans or even when I’m still starving and just need an idea of what to eat.  I highly recommend working with Diana.  You will not be disappointed!  Thank you, Diana, for making me feel good about myself while eating foods I enjoy!